Owl made from 2 kokopellis, a fluer de lis, mushroom, and a horseshoe. By Nikki Jo at Gully Cat Tattoo in Austin TX

I did it! 💪 Day 30 of #balancebasics is the #wheelpose #upwardbowpose #UrdhvaDhanurasana

I am beyond proud of how far I’ve come with my personal yoga journey. Finding my balance and sharing and receiving so much support.  Thanks and see ya in October for flexibility!  😘✌

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No time to change 🙈🙈

Day 29 of #balancebasics #LShapeHandstand #handstand 
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transdannypink asked:
you're so spot on about why people hate danny. it's cause he's black. same reason people hate martha, same reason people hate mickey. people who pretend that's not the reason are racists.

Thank you! I love this show, but I’m not oblivious of that fact.  People don’t like when you put a mirror to their face and show them the truth. Until some one comes along and deviates from the trend, then this is what it is until actions say otherwise! 

Day 28 of #balancebasics #dolphinpose #Makarasana Not sure if I did this pose correctly.  I feel like it should be better. 

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Anonymous asked:
I hate it when people automatically assume someone on a show is disliked because of a skin color... It's 2014 now, not as many people are assholes like that anymore than in the past and I hate when all white people are clumped in this "all white people look down or hate black people" category. Because it's straight up not true.

I absolutely do not believe “all white people look down or hate black people”. Far from the truth.  It is 2014, but I am tired of people acting like this doesn’t exist, because that is straight up not true.  

Anonymous asked:
I happen to be black and I dislike Danny's character. I used to like him but I've just gone off him. Nothing to do with race I just don't like him and I doubt other people hate him because of race. Smh

It’s not just a matter of disliking the character. Of course you can dislike a character and not be accused of doing such because of his race. What I’m commenting on is the trend. Whenever a black character is introduced they automatically become the least favorite. No not everyone who dislikes Danny is racist, obviously, but with no concrete evidence as to why when his character exudes the same characteristics his white counterparts, but he is so overwhelming said to be the worst character ever in Who is alarming and it’s because he is one thing the other characters aren’t, and that’s black. It’s not race baiting it’s just the truth.

Anonymous asked:
Martha wasn't hated because she was black, she was hated because she was very clingy, needy and jealous (but as soon as she realized this and got out of there, she was much better liked). Danny isn't being disliked because he's black. He's being disliked because he's a pompous, jealous, arrogant, controlling prick.

This is what I don’t get though. “Clingy, Needy, and Jealous”.  Clingy because she stayed around him through space and time because clearly he is the expert here.  Needy because she asked for instructions?  Needy because all the time she has helped saved them, he still never viewed her as Martha Jones, but as not Rose?  And was she really jealous of Rose or just wanted to not be constantly, and blatantly shown that she is just not good enough for the Doctor?  And for the record, most of her complaints about her relationship with The Doctor, it was to outside people who kept asking her about it or to herself, not him. Again you’re entitled to your opinion.  As for Danny, he is pompous because he doesn’t want Clara to lie to him? Jealous because she is spending most of her time with this guy SHE NEVER TOLD HIM ABOUT, arrogant when? Arrogant because he is just as important as a person and a boyfriend to be respected and not constantly lied to?  Finally I think people only think he is controlling is because he wants Clara to tell him IF SHE IS BEING PUSHED TO FAR.  He didn’t say don’t see him.  He didn’t influence any of her choices so where in the hell did he control her?